Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday lunch

With the hurricane thrashing about outside our London home, thoughts naturally turn to cosy suppers and hibernation. Warming food, with fats and carbohydrate, is good for the body and soul, providing - above all - insulation. But every so often, it's good to kick start the system and play around with routine. So for today's Sunday lunch - despite a sky outside which could have been painted by Turner in a rage - we're off to the Maghreb for some spice and sizzle. A stuffing for the roast chicken made with chorizo and almonds, a pungent bowl of chermoula (a pickled lemon and garlic salsa, usually served with fish, but I love the way the citrus tang snuggles up to the chicken), thick yoghurt sprinkled with mint and pimiento. And some wicked roast potatoes - because there will always be some aspects of Sunday lunch which are sacred...

What's your recipe for the tastiest Sunday lunch?

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