Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Internet Safety Day

Am feeling very post-modern, Facebooking, Sky News-ing & Tweeting about internet safety. The adolescent brain has poor impulse control and reasoning function. So, what's our excuse...?

I'm blogging and you're reading me, yet we aren't meeting face-to-face. We think we know the score, that we can evaluate this relationship, that we're not street-wise but rather net-wise.

But it's as well to remember that there can be no substitute for human interaction. I've just taken a break from writing today to have a carrot & ginger juice (she had spinach juice, I am such a wimp...) with a new-ish friend who is full of energy and positivity. I felt the warmth of the real sun on my face - not the over-cooked heat of it streaming directly through my garret windows - and smelled the delicious cooking smells in the cafe. And now I have a final burst of creativity before the day is out which I put down to leaving the computor alone for a while and going out and having a life for half an hour.

Internet safety isn't just about filters and childproof locks and being aware of how split-second decisions to text that boy who fancies you in Year 11 can lurk forever on the world wide web. It's about having the courage to pull out the drip once in a while and really live.

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